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Having reached a stage where I was beginning to feel unfit, lethargic and a little podgy and having to put up with more aches and pains than I wanted to, I decided to take myself in hand and contacted Emma.  That just so happened to be the best decision I could have made and training with Emma is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time.  Her obvious passion for fitness is infectious and she has inspired and motivated me to achieve far more than I thought I would or even could.  Emma gradually nudges you out of your comfort zone with sessions that are varied each time, building up strength and endurance with guidance and motivation to get you to reach your personal goals.  When I first met Emma I lacked self-motivation, however that has changed and I now have a thirst for exercise and follow the additional programmes she offers outside her personal training sessions.  I eagerly look forward to my sessions and always leave on a high, knowing we have worked hard together and I have seen significant results.


Anita Fedorko, October 2016

Emma is a truely excellent trainer - she is the perfect combination of tough (Emma your killing me!) motivating ( JG - come on you're doing so well) and really gets to know what makes you tick which has enabled me to push past my percieved personal boundaries - makes training fun!


Julie Gaughan, March 2016

“At 46 years old 5ft 2.5in and 12 stone, I decided to do something.  In January 2011 I booked my first session with Emma and she helped me set realistic targets and set me a challenging and fun exercise programme that fitted around my work and family commitments.  Between my monthly sessions with Emma, she has always been available for advice and support, with texts and calls to encourage and motivate.  The results speak for themselves – in 5 months I have lost well over a stone, but more importantly my shape has changed with 4 inches lost off my waist and 5 inches lost off my hips.  Emma makes exercise fun and enjoyable, and she has a natural ability to motivate''


Anita Stephenson, Age 46


''I train twice a week with Emma and the results I am seeing are astonishing.  I have lost well over a stone in 5 weeks, dropped my body fat by 6% and lost over 3 inches off my waist.  I had high blood pressure and was referred to exercise by my doctor but now my blood pressure had decreased and I am gaining muscle definition and improving my fitness levels drastically.  I come to my sessions with a sense of excitement and trepidation – I know I will get a fantastic workout but I also know I will be pushed to my limit and be aching and dripping with sweat by the end!!!  If finances would allow it, I would train with Emma everyday as her knowledge, continuous motivation and encouragement are providing me with all I need to reach my goals''.


Neil Danford, Age 47


“Emma helped me train for my first marathon and I could not have wished for a better trainer. I could never have gotten into this shape and would never have achieved this kind of endurance with my own limited know-how about the abilities of my own body.“


Nathan Graham, Age 27

“Since I cannot motivate myself, I have now been training once a week with Emma for the past two years. Now, I cannot even imagine going through a week without a training session. Thank you, Emma, for continuing to motivate me!“
--I. Wilde, age 42

''I have been training with Emma for 10 months and the results I am seeing are amazing.  In 10 months each training session has been different and I haven’t come away from any without feeling a great sense of achievement.  I have clicked with Emma on a personal level and she always gives me the confidence I need to push myself further.  I am losing weight and inches and feel so much better about myself.  I originally planned to have personal training sessions just until my holiday but have enjoyed them so much I have decided to carry on with them.  Because of Emma, I no longer see exercise as a chore, it’s now a part of my lifestyle and I always look forward to my next personal training session''


Cara Foster, Age 33

''Having Emma as a PT has been a brilliant and enjoyable experience.  It has resulted in me achieving my goals in a short period of time.  Emma’s enthusiasm and knowledge in her field comes across clearly in her sessions, which are fun and serious combined.  Her nutrition plans are made enjoyable to eat and Emma explains the reasons behind the importance of her plans.  When asked any questions Emma will take the time to explain clearly so that it is understood.  I have enjoyed my sessions with Emma 100%  - she is a lovely lady, full of support and encouragement, I would recommend her to all''.


Emma Wellman, June 2011


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